Thursday, April 21, 2016

Governmental Overreach - The Long Arm of the Law

Let me begin by saying that I believe we need laws and a fair justice system. I also believe that sometimes the government agencies that make the laws might possibly be in the pockets of big commercial businesses. Local, state and federal government agencies are all susceptible to the temptations of greed. The long arm of these government agencies sometimes overreach.
For instance...
In the state of Colorado it is illegal to collect rainwater that falls from the roof of a residence into a rain barrel. (also known as Rooftop Precipitation Capture System). The following information is taken directly from the Colorado Division of Water Resources dated June 2015
"Colorado water law declares that the State of Colorado claims the right to all moisture in the atmosphere that falls within its borders and that such moisture is declared to be the property of the people of this state, dedicated to their use pursuant to the Colorado constitution."
There are circumstances where a permit can be granted to install a rooftop precipitation capture system (rain barrel) but certain criteria must be met and the permits are costly. To summarize the necessary requirements to obtain a water collection permit, it must be a private residence, the water collected is for personal use only and there is no water supply available in the area from a municipality or water district.
Utah and Washington also have similar ordinances for collecting rainwater.

Here's another one:

In Sugar Creek, Missouri an ordinance prohibits vegetable gardens in front of a residence. The zoning board ordinance reads:
"No food shall be grown in the front yard and/or within 30 feet of any city street in Sugar Creek. Violators will be fined."
So much for sustainability in Missouri.
Cities in Florida, Mississippi and Oklahoma also prohibit front yard gardening. In Orlando, FL the fines are as high as $500 per day.

Then there's the case of solar panels

Several states prohibit homeowners from installing solar panels to generate energy.  Although the rules vary by state, there is one common denominator:
The opposition from utility companies having grown nervous from the rapid advancement of solar power firms and the effect on their business.
Florida, South Carolina and Virginia are a few states that ban residential solar panels.
In Woodland, North Carolina solar panels banned because they will 'suck up all the sun' as Woodland resident Billy Mann pointed out to local bureaucrats.
A little research and I turned up the truth in Woodland, NC on the issue of banning solar panels. The ban is not meant for residential use, it's meant for solar panel farms which Woodland has too many already. City council banned the addition of another solar panel farm, they did not ban homeowners from installing solar panels.

Water, sun, food, all banned in some way by the government.  To the government I say instead of banning vegetable gardens, ban processed food!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What Do Those Numbers on Binoculars Mean?

I needed a new pair of binoculars so I began my internet search for just the right pair. But then I saw those numbers...7 x 50mm, 10 x 25mm, 15 x 40mm. So what does it all mean? I looked it up and it's really quite simple. This is what I found:

The first number is magnification. That means how many times closer the object will appear. So if your binoculars are 7 x 50, the object you're viewing will appear 7 times closer. Keep in mind that the higher the first number is, the narrower the scope of vision.

The second number is the size of the objective lens diameter in millimeters. The objective lens gathers light to allow the object to appear brighter. The second number has nothing to do with magnification, just brightness. The size of the objective lens also determines the size of the binoculars. If you want a small pair of binoculars, look for a low second number.

The exit pupil number is usually shown on the back of the box, it doesn't have anything to do with the first and second numbers such as 10 x 25. The exit pupil is the size of the hole through which light travels to the eye. Simply put, the larger the exit pupil, the brighter the object.
That's it!  I hope you find this useful when you're ready for a pair of binoculars. 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Melania Trump Does What?

I've remained silent about a particular social media post that has been making the rounds. I ignored it the first 3 or 4 times I saw it, but I cannot contain myself any longer. Below is the message I've seen several times on various social media sites:
"Melania Trump speaks five languages and has a degree in architecture and design. That sets s new high standard for first ladies, doesn't it?"
I don't know who authored this but to that person I would like to say, read a history book or if that's too complicated for you here are a few names you can look up...they're on the internet. I would also like to ask the author what was the previous high standard?  Could it have been any of these listed below?
 In no particular order:  

Laura Bush – Became a grade school teacher after graduating from Southern Methodist University then went on to earn a master's degree in library science at the University of Texas, and continued teaching.
Lady Bird Johnson – Graduated high school at fifteen. Received two degrees from the University of Texas at the age of 20, one degree in liberal arts the other in journalism.   
Pat Nixon – Graduated cum laud from the University of Southern California and became a high-school teacher.
Jackie Kennedy – As a young girl attended private schools and studied ballet. At college age she was a student at Vassar and spent a year studying in France, then eventually graduating from George Washington University.
Then of course there's Eleanor Roosevelt who practically ran the country.
These are some pretty high standards. I don't think Mrs. Trump has set any new high standards.
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Saturday, April 9, 2016

I'm So Mad I Could Spit! Grrrr......

There is a nest of owls in a tree close to my house and I've been documenting their activity with photographs. A couple of weeks ago I showed the nest with the owlets in it to my neighbor. Today I saw said neighbor throwing rocks at the nest.  To make matters worse, he had two children with him!  What a horrible thing to teach children.  By the time I put my shoes on to go outside, he was gone. 
This is a rural desert area but the neighbor I am speaking of lives in Las Vegas, coming here on weekends only. To him and others like him I say, “if you want to capture nature, use a camera not a weapon.”
This nest of owls is a wonderful teaching and learning opportunity; take pictures, take notes, do some research, learn something.  Instead these people throw rocks.  Their children probably know ten different ways to take a selfie though.
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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Does a Narcissist Always Have to be Right?

First let me say I am not trained in psychology, everything I know about narcissists I learned from experience in life. Let me tell you I've known quite a few narcissists, and they all have some of the same traits and characteristics.
One common complaint people have about narcissists is that they always have to be right. In any conversation a narcissist will not change their ideas or opinions about any subject no matter how much logic they are presented with that proves them wrong. The narcissist will insist they know what they're talking about to the point of throwing a tantrum as a response to those who disagree. 
My opinion is this behavior is not a need to be right, it's the need for everyone to agree. The way I see it, for a person to be right about something they should have a certain amount of knowledge of what they're talking about. People who are not narcissists can make a logical point in a conversation or debate and explain their point, a narcissist cannot.
A narcissist doesn't have to be right all the time, they just expect everyone to agree with them all the time.
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