Saturday, April 9, 2016

I'm So Mad I Could Spit! Grrrr......

There is a nest of owls in a tree close to my house and I've been documenting their activity with photographs. A couple of weeks ago I showed the nest with the owlets in it to my neighbor. Today I saw said neighbor throwing rocks at the nest.  To make matters worse, he had two children with him!  What a horrible thing to teach children.  By the time I put my shoes on to go outside, he was gone. 
This is a rural desert area but the neighbor I am speaking of lives in Las Vegas, coming here on weekends only. To him and others like him I say, “if you want to capture nature, use a camera not a weapon.”
This nest of owls is a wonderful teaching and learning opportunity; take pictures, take notes, do some research, learn something.  Instead these people throw rocks.  Their children probably know ten different ways to take a selfie though.
What do you think?  Please leave a comment below.


  1. GRRRRRRRR! I wish I knew where in my town he lived, I'd go throw rocks at him and see how he liked it. Are the owlets okay? Poor things. They certainly did not deserve that. I hope when he comes back for another weekend, you will tell him what an ass he is to teach his children such ugly things. Not caring about anything is one of what's wrong with this world, another is teaching children the same thing. I appreciate you my friend, for showing the world what caring IS.

  2. We have neighbor boys up the hill from us shooting the birds. I phoned the police but all they did was make the one write an apology to us. It makes me crazy. Teach your children respect. If they aren't going to eat it then they should be leaving it the h--l alone. Yep I would be just as furious as you were.

  3. Oh wow, that person is horrible. Owls help catch vermin to eat and other creatures we don't like to deal with. owls are good for the environment. Were the owlets hurt?

    1. None of the owls were hurt Sandy. But the rocks could not only hurt the owls but they could also disrupt the nest. These owlets can't fly yet so if the nest gets knocked down the owlets will fall to the ground and probably die. And yes, the owls keep mice away from my house!

  4. What a jerk. That is horrible.

  5. How awful! I can't even begin to understand why anyone would throw rocks at any bird's nest....


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