Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Haus the Hero Dog and Rattlesnake Bite Survivor

Haus's first day at the vet
It was a beautiful day in Tampa, Florida while 7-year old Molly played in the backyard as her grandmother watched along with the family's 2-year old German shepherd Haus. Suddenly Haus jumped up in front of Molly and reared up several times. Although he was bitten several times by a venomous Eastern diamondback rattlesnake he never backed down, protecting Molly from the rattler. At the time the grandmother didn't know what happened but Haus was bleeding so he was taken to the vet immediately. There it was discovered Haus had suffered three poisonous rattlesnake bites.
Haus's bloodstream was filled with venom, his kidney's were damaged and there was blood in his urine. He needed such a large amount of anti-venom that the vet put Haus on an IV drip rather than injections.
A friend of the family started a GoFundMe page to help with the veterinary costs which in just two days amounted to $10,000. In that same amount of time, the GoFundMe page raised $48,000. The donation page is shut down now because the family said that's more money than they need for Haus's medication and treatment.
Almost a week has passed and Haus is expected to make a full recovery, it'll take time though and he is still at the vet. You can follow Haus on his Facebook page Haus the Hero Dog for updates on his current condition.

Haus the Hero Dog on Facebook 


Almost a week later, still at the vet

Monday, May 9, 2016

The FDA - Misleading and Deceptive

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is supposed to be the watchdog for us, the American consumer, they are the oversight that prevents mega food corporations from poisoning us. Yet it seems to me they are more interested in protecting big corporations, could it be because those big food processing companies are buying their way through the FDA. As a result, we the people are being misled and deceived.
What is misleading? Here's just one example: Greek Yogurt. Does it come from Greece? Greek cows? Do Greeks know more about yogurt than the rest of the world? The answer to all those questions is, no! The FDA has no regulations about naming a food, so it's called Greek. That's misleading.
The bigger problem in my opinion is deception. We all know, or should anyway, that processed food has preservatives. Frozen dinners, meals in a box, etc. have some sort of preservatives present, for instance high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) to prevent freezer burn.  But if you look at the front of some processed foods you might see one of these 'no preservatives' logos or something similar, leading us to believe there are no preservatives added.

Common sense tells us that can't be true, it just can't. We also know, being the well informed public that we are, that salt, sodium, sugar and high fructose corn syrup are primary preservatives in processed food. So I decided to investigate the Food and Drug Administration's regulations for these 'no preservatives' labels on food. This is what I found: 
  • “In recent years, we have held that the statutory words “chemical preservative” are not necessary in order to satisfy the 403 (k) provisions of the act, so long as the declaration on the label does reflect the fact that a chemical preservative is present.
    The term “chemical preservative” as defined by 21 CFR 101.22(a(5), means any chemical that, when added to food tends to prevent or retard deterioration thereof, but does not include common salt, sugars, vinegars, spices or oils extracted from spices.” 
The 'no preservatives' logo actually means no chemical preservatives, but the food corporations aren't required to indicate that information. This, in my opinion, is deceptive. For those people who are diabetic or have been instructed by their doctor to maintain a low sodium diet, this deception could cause even more serious health problems.
I suppose the best thing to do is what I've been saying all along...don't eat processed food.

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