Sunday, February 5, 2017

Truck Drivers on Diets and the Feds

The American economy depends heavily on the thousands of long-haul trucks on the road and the drivers who spend days, weeks and months at a time delivering the products we use every day. The good health of these drivers should be of importance to all of us. But, is this just another way that the federal government wastes taxpayer dollars?

The National Institutes of Health awarded a four-year grant (2011-2015) to Oregon Health and Science University to conduct a cell-phone-based program for truckers to engage in a “weight loss competition” and “motivational interviewing”. Yes, really!

The program began with a six-month weight monitoring program then concluded with a 30-month follow up study, for each trucker. The purpose was to determine if the truckers could make healthier decisions on their own, without further intervention or motivation from outside sources.

Cost to taxpayers:  $2.6 million

Do you think this is money well spent?  I certainly encourage truckers, and everyone else, to make healthy living choices. Below are a few of my ideas at no cost to taxpayers.

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