Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Dinner Mints Miracle

dinner mints miracle photo by candy dorsey
I don't know what to call it nor do I know why it happened, but let me tell you about the Dinner Mints Miracle.

I was having a dinner party for a few friends, the kind of dinner where I'd be using the good crystal, china, silverware and white linen tablecloth and napkins.

I asked my friend Mary if she would get there early to help me with last minute preparations. There we were, I in the kitchen and Mary in the dining room setting the table to perfection when suddenly I blurted out “I FORGOT TO GET DINNER MINTS”. I was on the verge of hyperventilating over the lack of dinner mints when Mary offered to go to the store for them. I rejected that idea telling her that I needed her here, there's still so much to do. How could I have been so negligent to forget dinner mints.

My rant was interrupted by the doorbell, which led to more hyperventilating. Is it possible that guests are arriving an hour early. Mary, the calm one, opened the door. Standing there was a young boy holding a cardboard box. He said he was selling assorted candies and, you guessed it, dinner mints as a school project. I don't know how many boxes Mary paid for, I was still ranting.

I continued my tirade with “I don't know what dish to put them in, I have to find something pretty for them”. Mary, the calm one, began looking in all my kitchen cabinets until she came across a large margarita glass. “Put them in this” she said. Problem solved and I can breathe again. 

When having guests, I like to set up a small table out of the way with an already started jigsaw puzzle. Guests can fit a few pieces in when there's a lull in the conversation or a lack of interest in the topic of conversation. Please put your explanation of why this happened in the comment section below. (your comment won't show up right away, it might take a day or two).


  1. Hey, it sounds like a miracle to me. I've always heard that not all miracles are huge, some are small and significant to only a few. This sounds like it qualifies. Love the story. Sharing!

    1. Thanks Nancy. It sure felt like a miracle to me!


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